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we manufacture our bags in the women's prison facility in vechta, germany


nestled in vechta, germany, approximately 40 kilometers from our office, our bags take shape within the confines of a women's prison. in collaboration with a resocializing program, incarcerated women lend their skilled hands to craft these unique pieces. this program serves not only as a platform for skill development but also as a means for these women to find purpose and empowerment. every stitch becomes a symbol of rehabilitation, transforming materials and lives in tandem.

we source our fabrics in a 150km radius from our office


our commitment to sustainability begins with sourcing. within a 150-kilometer radius from our office, we gather all the materials that go into our bags. by keeping our sourcing local, we reduce our environmental footprint and support the communities that surround us. from the sailcloth to the threads that bind it, we prioritize a regional approach, ensuring that each element of our bags contributes to a more sustainable and interconnected world.

we use upcycled sailing cloth material and use rest material to produce our smaller goods and accessories


at canvasco, innovation meets sustainability through our dedication to upcycling. approximately 80% of the materials woven into our bags find a second life as upcycled sailcloth. the weathered, storied fabric adds a unique character to each bag, telling a tale of journeys taken on the open sea. even the rest materials find purpose in smaller goods and accessories, leaving virtually nothing to waste.