On 03 July was the ninth international “Plastic Bag Free Day”. The day of action, which should draw attention to the pollution of the environment by disposable plastic bags, was launched in Catalonia. The European network “Zero Waste” has been in charge of the implementation since 2011. In order to attract worldwide attention, various events such as concerts, demonstrations and participatory activities will take place around the plastic bag free day.

We at Canvasco have always shown plastic bags the red card. Since 2003 we have been producing bags made of old canvas. Many of them are also a wonderful substitute for the plastic bag. Because Canvasco bags are durable, versatile and look damn good.

Here are a few tips for you with which you can manage without plastic bags!

  • Pick out a fancy bag that you like to wear
  • Always have a reusable bag with you
  • Reject plastic bags if they are offered at the cash desk
  • Planning purchases & creating a shopping list
  • Transport fruit & vegetables loose or in reusable nets
  • Take enough bags with you for your weekly shopping