We design bags from A - Z
Here you will find everything about our way of working and why we love what we do
as in award
In 2003, I was awarded with the distinction of “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” by the city of Bremen. Of course no one believes me when I assure that I wouldn’t accept a Federal Cross of Merit … of course … for the time being.
as in big capitalist
One the one hand, yes: I, too, want to earn (much) more than I have spent. On the other hand, I’m more of an atypical Ich-AG , with a well backed external publishing system.
as in Canvasco
Refers to “canvas” and “Vasco da Gama”. That was an old skipper, who introduced the bloody bloom years of Portugal, the colonial period. He let others work for him - like me. In any case, canvasco sounds better than canstoertebecker or cankuhweide.
as in dirt cheap
…which I’m really not. High prices are an indicator of quality. Why is this so?
as in easy listining
…the answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.
as in female inmates
Those are the people who work for me. The women imprisoned in these jails were not able to handle freedom the way they were expected to by society. That’s why it was temporarily taken away from them, the freedom. Is this the way they will learn to handle freedom in a more desired manner? I believe that the work they do for me (for which they are paid a little more than the usual rate), takes a bit of their deadly boredom. The prison administration believes that working while being in prison is a privilege. If that is so, what does working in freedom come down to then?
as in germany
That’s where I’m located! “….denk ich an Deutschland in der Nacht, bin ich um meinen Schlaf gebracht”. (German literature quote). (After all, I went to school!)
as in helicopter
Without sales. What a pity.
as in impregnation
I’ll have to check into how sails were be waterproofed. I don’t like scandals.
as in just the right portion of luck
Everyone is the forger of his own good fortune (German proverb), is what I was told. That’s not true. Luck is the forger of luck. That’s what I know from experience.
as in kingdom
A kingdom for new ideas.
as in loads of luck
That’s what you need so that having an idea can turn into making a living – if you don’t have the necessary capital.
as in mast and sheetfracture
Skipper Greeting (similar to “Break a leg!”). One of the foundations of the recycling-business when it comes to discarded sails.
as in nightmare
In my favorite dream, I stand in front of mountains of discarded sails. My nightmare: The competition has bought the stuff.
as in ownership
I don’t raise a finger when it comes to manufacturing. And yet, all of the bags belong to me and not to the women who produce them. Something doesn’t feel right there. (Hey Stuehrmann, which side are you on anyway?)
as in Poquito
Unique products require proper names. I mean, what would “Medium-sized shoulder bag made of unserviceable sail material” sound like? Compare with: “Poquito”
as in quality
Highest quality workmanship. That’s what I guarantee for.
as in remuneration
My greatest remuneration is the joy that others experience with my (my?) products – provided that their joy is accompanied with financial solvency.
wie „Segelstoff
... aus dem Freiheit gemacht ist“, stand in einer Zeitung über meine Taschenproduktion geschrieben. Ziemliche Entgleisung. Ist nicht bekannt, dass die Taschen im Strafvollzug gefertigt werden? Arbeit macht nicht frei – weder drinnen noch draußen.
as in Stuehrmann
I was never a Cox (german: Steuermann) , just a tax payer (german: Steuerzahler).
as in trusted friend
The wind, my trusted friend, makes sure that sails have to routinely be replaced, due to a loss of static quality.
as in unique piece
All of the bags are unique pieces. It wouldn’t work any other way. That’s because the cut up sails turn into panels that are sewed together - in what ever way they come. That’s why owners turn into something very special – as only few can afford these bags.
as in Vechta
That’s where the prison for female inmates is located. money-making. That’s the fun part – when everything runs smoothly. Work? Let’s put it this way: It’s quite a bit of “work” to let others work for me.
wie „the wind: friend“
Er sorgt dafür, dass Segel regelmäßig wegen Statikverlust ausgetauscht werden müssen.
as in X-mas
as in yuppies
Young, career oriented, urban show-offs. They are crazy about unique things. That’s why I am crazy about yuppies.
as in zebra
Zebra hides? Seal fur? Will never be part of my (my? ) bags. Not only am I a philanthropist , but I am also an animal lover.